Corona virus Response Fund

Corona virus Response Fund

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Clark County Food bank - 6502 NE 47th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98661, USA

Dear SWWICCA Community:

Hope this message finds you well and that you’re able to do everything to keep your family healthy and safe. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone in the healthcare industry, and other essential services, for everything you’re doing in this time of crisis. It's times like this that really tests the enduring spirit of our community for a better tomorrow. Like with any other unfortunate times this too will pass. We’ll soon be able to look back on these dark days and feel stronger for having gone through this experience.

But till that happens and things get better, we cannot let social physical distancing weaken our strong sense of community. Some of us are more privileged than others. We don’t have the constant worry about our next meal or the ability to pay rent. A lot of us are still able to work from home. But we know that there are people who are struggling to deal with this crisis, economically, physically, and mentally.

With that in mind we at SWWICCA feel that it is our duty to help our local community in whatever small way we can. We are soliciting your generosity to help local food banks and other organizations by giving them donations in nonperishable food items or money. SWWICCA would like to match 100% of your first donated dollars up to a total of $500.  Please feel free to donate whatever amount is possible for you.

We’ll send you frequent updates on how this money is being put to use both on our website, social media and email. We also plan on highlighting all donors, regardless of the amount on our website (amounts won't be shown).

Donations can be made via online  as well as cash app (Venu @ 269-626-6227). Please reach out to us if you have questions or concerns.
While making donations via online/event app please use  "Get Tickets" button. 

Be safe and healthy.

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